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Critiquing capitalism


Inherited from the theoretical and practiced critique of the Soviet Union todays critique of capitalism must re-think what it critiques. Already two most obvious mistakes can be often observed: 1) If capitalism is critiqued this critique usually argues about the capitalist economy, as if the capitalist production and distribution of a capitalist type of wealth could be what it is without the political power. 2) The critique of the capitalist economy often argues against poverty – a critique that remains a mere moral critique if it does not argue against the type of wealth that uses poverty for the production of wealth. 3) The political body of capitalism, the nation state, anticapitalist critique argues about as if the nation state was a political body that was open to even anti-capitalist policy agendas, preferably seen this way in the former colonized world, inspired by the socialist state of the Soviet Union and its theories about capitalism. This section of the website discusses how to critique capitalism – and how better not.

Critiquing capitalism in Africa with papers from Emmanuel Chimezie Eyisi, Michael Kuhn, Svetlana Stamenova

Critiquing a 200 years lasting false critique of the Capitalism – The citizen, their society and their nation state