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Hongkong 2

Hongkong 1: “One can hopefully trust that the Hongkong people used their freedom collecting information about the world, that they know very well, that the US welcome and support such protests, given they are directed against governments or countries, which are their enemies, and instrumentalize them for their political purposes, as they did in Syria. The result of this strategy are for everybody most visible who has access to the media. Needless to say therefore, transforming these protest into a civil war in China, that is certainly what the US government is dreaming about – and one can be sure that they know what to do to make these dreams reality.” 

One cannot: as the news reported today, a speaker of the social movement in Hongkong asked the political leader of Germany to use a meeting with the Chinese government to articulate the concerns of the demonstrating people in front of the Chinese government. With this decision the social movement in Hongkong make their concerns about their political situation in Hongkong a matter of the hostilities between imperial countries about who is ruling the world. One thing is therefore for sure, with this stupid decision this social movement will further on serve the considerations of the foreign affairs politics of the Western world and their hostilities against China. In the best case, it will give up their original ideas for their protest, standing up against the oppressive politics of the Chinese government and one may doubt now that they ever had these ideas; in the worst case they make themselves the civil troops of the West, idiots executing the imperial agenda of the West and paying a high price for this stupid decision. What the price they pay will be, will be negotiated between the Chinese government and the Western world along the priorities of the rivalries of those two imperial blocks, the West versus China. 






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