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“Hongkong is the new Berlin in a new cold war. ”  Wong, political Hongkong activist, dreaming about World War III

Remarkable what the fighter for democracy from Hongkong uncovers about war and democracy, the relation between both and about the social movement in Hongkong

As a reminder: the cold war was the more than 50 years lasting threat of the US and their allies against the former Soviet Union with nothing less but world war III right away after world war II and the entire destruction of Russia and Europe with Millions of killed people was ended with the victory of the since then world power United States. It was as cold war threatening the world and especially Europe as the old and new battle field of this war with a world war. Berlin was the outpost of the West within the territory of the enemy and the people in Berlin were the civil troops of the US in this cold war.  

This scenario, the destruction of a continent and the systematic killing of the people living in Europe, not to forget all the soldiers, this utterly brutal scenario is the vision the above fighter for democracy mobilizes for his political agenda of the Social Movement for Democracy in Hongkong inviting the West towards a new cold war, this time against China. And this, advocating a war against China and calling the West for such a new cold war, is anything else than all sorts of critique one might rightly have about China. 

Mobilizing people in the name of democracy via a war against a nation state is quite telling and uncovers that these political activists do not need to be critiqued for any illusionary views about democracy, such as the threat embedded in the permission of a democratic political power to articulate any protest against this power, the conditions under which this permission is given and withdrawn and what the considerations of a political power in a democratically ruled society are under which such societies are considered to be ready for such a democratic governance – or not; and about the bloodbaths from time to time carried out in order to make a society ready for a democratic regime. 

All these hints on any false illusion about democracy would argue with an obviously false assumption about the political aims of people who advocate nothing less but a new world war as a means for introducing a democratic regime. Even more since the comparison with Berlin clarifies that the aim of such fighters for democracy is not about any civil rights for people in Hongkong but that the aim of these activists is to present themselves as the so far civil troops of a new war against China. These fighters for democracy quite frankly use other joining activists’s illusions about democracy, joining the social actions in Hongkong, illusions these leading activist do not have at all, for their very brutal political agenda, which is a war against China and these leaders do not have the slightest illusion that a ware against China means advocating a bloodbath not only among the protesting people in Hongkong. They therefore know very well that this political agenda, a war against China, is the agenda of the West and that the role of the Hongkong activists in this war can only be to offer their help as the civil avantgarde on the territory of the enemy they share with the US, shown by carrying US flags. Use us, the fighters for democracy in Hongkong, fighters inside China for your hostilities against China, is the help they offer to the West in their meetings with political leaders of the West; such as the trip of the political activist named Wong today in Berlin via presenting Hongkong as the new Berlin for a new World War III project to the German Minister for Foreign Affairs. The next destination of Mr Wong in his trip to offer his support for his idea of a cold war against China is the US.

How about a trip to Japan, Mr Wong? They have a lot of experiences bringing Western values to China.






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