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IPCC Report: Poverty, a weapon against global warming – and against poverty?

Anybody out there, concerned about anything else but global warming? Anybody who still notes all sorts of military conflicts, old wars across the globe, preparations for new wars, Iran, latest India/Pakistan, countries having nuclear bombs extinguishing easily mankind, new bombs against China, new missiles moved closer to Russia? And so on and on. Nobody cares. How many million people on the world are dying of hunger every day, how may millions run away from where they cannot live an more? If at all, footnotes, in the media of the wealthy part of the world. What bothers mankind, or at least that part of mankind living in the wealthy part of the world, is  – the climate. Global warming 24 hours and all channels.

The latest alarming scientific insights were triggered by the “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change”, IPCC. Scandal after scandal: Don`t pollute the world with carbon monoxide by eating meat and rice!

Did you know it’s you and me, polluting the world with carbon monoxide.How? Because you eat food, more precisely you eat meat or rice. After being accused you drive a dirty car, now its you again, now it’s what you eat, you are the one spitting the poison into the sky – by eating, especially by eating meat.You do not understand how eating meat or rice blows carbon monoxide into the atmosphere?

You might be part of the not that small world population, many of which die of hunger and would wish to get anything to eat. How many millions of people on this world are starving and have nothing to eat? How many children on the world die how frequently of hunger? You don’t get the point, you wish you had enough to eat? It is the other way round, eating is the scandal, eating food is what causes global warming and via global warming eating also is the reason that there will be less to eat in the future. The global warming experts tell us with their report, it is the world population who is firstly responsible for the global warming because of what they eat and it is secondly also the world population who is responsible that they will have less to eat in the future due to the climate change caused by their eating habits.

You don’t understand this how eating food could be made responsible for having no food in the future? You think you anyway can only eat what you can buy? And you can only buy what you can afford? You might think that you definitively do not create any carbon monoxide, when you eat – given you have something to eat at all?  You always thought that it is the industry, their chimneys, the cars they produce, the power stations, all using the world as a bin for their waste, but not you because of what you eat? It is also true, they do this, the industrial production of goods, energy etc.,  the experts tell us in the report, but a major contribution, 23% or so, come from us, you and me, because of what we eat. And, these global climate change experts are the ones who know to explain in their report why it is you, and me, the world’s population, who spits that gas into the world because of what they eat.

You wonder, how the hell do you produce carbon monoxide by eating, may this be for example rice or, worse, meat? The art of expert knowledge making the world’s people responsible for the pollution of the world with carbon monoxide due to what they eat is to present this pollution along a Co2 balance of products. This works like this:

You add up all the carbon monoxide, produced during the production of any product, or vice versa, you also add up the elements against carbon monoxide and, then, make a balance of both. This is what they call the life circle assessment (LCA) balance of carbon monoxide of products you eat, of food. Obviously, this way of looking at food, measuring the carbon monoxide occurring during the production of food,  firstly, implies not only all sorts of political definitions of what counts as a factor on both sides of this balance and that thus this balance is a matter of politically/economically defined priorities. What does it include, what are the ingredients to produce food, where does it start and end, the life circle of food?  Secondly, and more importantly, by defining what to include as causing and compensating factors in this balance, this view on food pretends food is produced dependent on how much carbon monoxide it’s production creates and this is, everybody knows this, not the case.  This balance of the production of goods along the carbon monoxide occurring during its production is a scientific whim and, this whim wipes out any economic or political interests and criteria, which are responsible for if at all and how anything is produced. Above all, that it is the business calculation on any side of the production of these products, that decides what and what is how produced for the market to make any business, is extinguished in the life circle assessmement (LCA) balance and thus the very business world, which in reality decides along their criteria what and what is how produced, is excluded from any considerations about what causes the pollution in this expert view.

The business calculations and the business subjects just as the political people, deciding about the standards for the production of goods, are thus excluded thanks to this view on the products, just as if they do not exist and do not play any role in the decision of what and how anything is produced and instead, with the little help of the LCA of carbon monoxide measured along the products, the consumer of products is shifted into the picture as the subject causing the whole evil, because he consumes the products, on which the very consumer in reality does not have the slightest influence.

We, the consumers of all the shit polluted food the food industry produces along the requirements, set by the politicians for their production, with all the poison they put into the food and the waste they create, when they produce it, we, the consumers, have no other chance but eating what can be bought and do not have the slightest influence on what we buy and eat, we, the consumers off the food are, thanks to this view of these very experts, made responsible for global warming. Genius! Possibly, with the exception of a few rich, who can afford to buy any super organic products in any shops for luxurious goods. Are there may be some of these IPCC global warming experts among these luxurious consumers, who do have that choice?

And, not to forget: Thanks to this way of looking at what causes global warming through the CO2 balance of products and, hence shifting the focus on their consumptions, the economic and political factors, really setting the criteria for what is produced and how it is produced, are excluded from any considerations, thus leave the real reasons for global warming untouched and thereby make their ideological contribution so that all the real reasons continue causing what all the global warming fighters are concerned about.

Not surprisingly, the political elites immediately got the message behind this report and the political options it offers to them for their propaganda: Thanks to the above calculation of carbon monoxide pollution along the products, the consumer of food comes into the picture as those who are responsible for the pollution and therefor also as those who must be charged for the damage they are made responsible for: Not a day it took, that politicians around the world eagerly discuss across all political parties, to use the CO2 balance of the agricultural products to blame the consumers of food for their ecological crimes and to fine the consumers of food for what they eat, by discussing a new tax on meat.

And, the presentation of what causes global warming along the CO2 balance of products offers another chance, that is to translate those national business interests, causing global warming, into a battle against global warming. Business people do not only invite Greta and appreciate to be told off by her, they also present, with the kind help of the COs balance story created by the scientists,  their economic activities and the battle against competing national economies as their contribution to combat global warming.

The national economies of many countries of the so called developing world have been so much ruined by the products they buy from the imperial world’s economies, that often the only thing they have left to use for a business, for selling anything on the global market, that is anything the economies in the imperial world needs and buys, are any natural resources or goods they produce for the economies of the imperial world. The life circle assessment ( LCA) of the carbon monoxide pollution presented by the global experts along the products, offers to the imperial world to blame – not only the consumers of products, but also the economies of the developing world for what they only produce due to the demand of the economies in the imperial world and to use this way of presenting the pollution of the world, to ban those polluted products from any developing countries, because they want to sell the very clean agricultural products created by the food industries in the imperial world. Clearing forest land, presented in the carbon 2 balance as a negative factor of the products balance is thereby attributed to as an act of the producer. It thus frees the buyer from the wealthy world of the products produced on this cleared land from all pollutive activities, puts the blame for global warming on the business of the developing countries and presents the goods produced in the imperial world as a contribution against the global warming. Since clearing forest is no crime any imperial country can commit, because they own enough cleared land for their food industry, thanks to the LCA along products, the buyer is out and the seller accused of causing global warming and, hence, the production off goods in the imperial world becomes a contribution to the battle against global warning.

So, thanks to the presentation of the CO2 balance along products, it is clear:

– it is firstly the world’s consumers of agricultural products, never their producers, never the business world and their political companeiros;

– and then it is, though, also the producers of the COs spoiled products, but only those of the developing countries, never the agricultural buyers and producers in the imperial world,

who are responsible for global warming and therefore must pay for what it costs to reduce the pollution of the world with carbon monoxide.A very warm thank you from the imperial world to the IPCC expert panel against global warming.






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