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Corona Virus 3: What states do in their “war against the virus” – as always, patients No. 1 are the state itself and No. 2 the economy

If you look at these measures, then you will also understand why the instructions as to which questions may and may not raised and what you should think about those they raise are indeed instructive for understanding what the politicians want and why it is good for politics if the citizens see it the way they want it to be seen. And it is also clear why, when it comes to the practical measures that states take, politicians then are sure that what they do must rely on measures that come from the arsenal of martial law and not from any arguments.

And, if you look at the measures, you quickly understand how and why the fight against a disease turns into a war, what measures this war takes and also why politicians in the fight against disease not only act as warlords in war, but actually also appricate to present themselves as warlords.

If we look at these measures and ask ourselves the question of who, in the view of these helping commanders, needs their caring help most and measure the answer to this question by the criterion by which in our society, at any rate by politics, everything that is valuable to it is measured, that is, by it, how much the state lets its care cost itself for whom, then one comes to the conclusion that the greatest case of care is first of all the state itself and then the economy, and the normal citizen who lives from work is also here in this ranking of esteem a nothing that is only as always a burden to the state.

At the top of the list of victims to be protected from the virus – is therefore the state itself, which, as the state sees it and as the state has set it up, helps everyone out of their misery and therefore must be protected first and foremost and with all the means it has. So the Minister of Finance reaches into his pocket and conjures up money with which the state can suddenly finance everything it wants to do without any consideration for debt and similar fuss. We still remember yesterday: No money for the poor, the sick, the weak, children, families, so nobody, we have to save. Now the state must be saved. This includes money for its health policy. Who pays the debts and when is not interested, the state certainly is not, and then, as always, it makes new debts to pay off the old ones. It can do that, others cannot, at least not those who live from work. For them, the credit line looks less limitless.

The health care system is a case for state assistance, because, as I said, it has been trimmed down into business, and that means that, despite all the unplanned corona patients, with whom it now has to deal and with whom there is less money to be made, to continue doing business with the health care system as before. This healthcare system suffers from the corona patients, because there is no business to be done with them. So the healthcare system has to be helped: Health care, sounds more caring, that is the name of the capital that makes a big deal with the health of people, and because it cannot do business with the wrong diseases like the Corona patients, the state pays – a current example from Germany – the businessmen who make their money with operations, which unfortunately have to be cancelled now, 8 billion euros as compensation for lost business with the diseases with which real money can be made. For finance ministers, organising the whole thing for the sake of sick people and nothing else, is the most absurd thing. Sick people may imagine, that finance minsisters have nothing else in their mind, but their health, but finance ministers after all practically insist, we don’t live under socialism or anything like that, if caring about people was the main criterion, in such a case all investors are running away. This is how it works in the state health care system: get sick people, health is a good business, but please get the right diseases that pay off for the busy health care system, otherwise the state health care system will become a welfare case for the state health policy in the war against the virus. So here too, putting money into the disease industry, here too, as always.

Then after the state, at the top of the list of the most vulnerable potential victims is “our economy”, which does not invest in health care and has already been provided with state services, such as the 8 billion Euros. We are all dependent on them, on the “economy”, as they are called, and therefore it is essential to ensure that the “economy” continues to function. First of all, it will be pumped full of money without end, so that it is worthwhile for them to continue doing business as before, that is, so that those who own everything we have can put their money into the economy, that is, continue to produce and sell, because if they do not produce and sell because it is not worthwhile for them, there will be zero and nothing for anyone. That’s the way it is under capitalism. All the worries about their money and the reservations that these people called investors have about investing their money “with us”, are cleared up with the most generous loans the country has ever seen. So here again, as usual.

The normal people, who also go to work day after day – go on working, infection or no infection, because otherwise the economy will break down, and without them nothing will work. And that the economy is running, that means in this economy, that at the end as always the business of the investors comes out and if not, then nothing is running in this economy and people get nothing at all. That is why the economy does not only receive loans free of charge, but also money that it passes on to its employees, despite all any disruptions, when companies are not working as usual for all possible reasons and all sorts of disruptions , in order to assure the continued payment of the employees and thus does not hit the investors in the till. It is out of the question for the state to pay this directly to the workers, because otherwise they would of course not go to work. That calls for skill, but that skill is the skill that politicians are very good at. And the trade unions have this skill just like the politicians: In Germany, a new collective bargaining agreement of the largest trade union in Germany has just been concluded quite unnoticed with a wage increase of ZERO percent. Why? Because, according to the union’s reasoning, we have to protect the German economy in times of the Corona crisis, and the best way to protect it from crises is, as always, to make sure that the workers work hard and earn little. As always. The economy likes that and the trade unions know that very well. Of course, trade unionists also know what problems workers will have to face, but without serving the interests of the economy, nothing can be done under capitalism, and that applies all the more to war against the virus. So that is what the trade union does and thus makes its contribution to the war against the virus. So here too everything is the same as always.

And then, after patient no. 1, the state, and patient no. 2, the economy, have been saved, this economy, patient no.2, on top of all this gets its big appearance, which patient no. 1, the state, has already 24 hours a day in the media. Now that the business of Corona pills is on the horizon, they are investing in a cure for the virus. We’re doing our best to make sure that you all get your pills as quickly as possible. They are making a personal statement through all channels, first and foremost and known to everyone by our patron Bill Gates, who has now also invested in pills against COVID 19. The citizen may cheer our economy and, quite personally, the capitalists as patrons sent by God. Actually, also as always. Gratitude for the capitalists for providing us with jobs, that’s always the case, for that and only for that, providing us with jobs, they spend all their money, everything is always for “us”, and now they also provide us with medicines, in case we catch the virus at work or elsewhere. That sounds familiar, too.

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6 responses to “Corona Virus 3: What states do in their “war against the virus” – as always, patients No. 1 are the state itself and No. 2 the economy”

  1. Antonio Pedro Dores Avatar

    Accepting the criticism developed in this post, how can the victims of such powerful states behave differently for the time being, when people need a real emergency plan to avoid pandemic? Of course, the government still has its power to deliver money to their friends, and it has less institutional control from citizens, since the declaration of the emergency state that reduces all access to state decision making. Then, under the threat of illness, what can people do except accepting the state as a fake helper and real commander?

    1. mkuhn Avatar

      Well, the blackmail is always exactly this blackmailing people with nothing less but their existence. Neither is this situation an opportunity nor is it different if there is no virus. They always have the choice. And if you question these living conditions, well, it is better knowing the power means the other side has and what you have against them. Very normal, no?

      1. Antonio Pedro Dores Avatar

        “They always have the choice”. That is not an answer: this is a no answer.
        Who are they? The people? What people? Are not we all different? People and nations and other kinds of groups are different? I know those who do not have any chance to make a choice: those who start their lives in the garbage or suffer from famine or are used by states as scapegoats (in prison and controlled by social services) or those who live from the traffic of people or drugs. Many people do not have any choice. Those who have a choice choose normally to avoid being close to those that have no choice. That is not only blackmail: it is stigma, revenge, religious belief of safety, elitism, sexism and all sort of emotional social relations that people engage in for a living.

        1. mkuhn Avatar

          Again, meaningless abstraction, one after another. If you insist on differences, please name them, say what differences you mena, otherwise this insiting on difference with out saying what you menan , is making any further discourse impossible. Abstractions, if they are correct abstractions, say what different things share, but only insiting on difference, without saying what they are is arguing against any abstraction and thus againts any arguing.
          Choice: Yes there are many people who are not even given any choice, basicxally, only those who the capitalits need for their buisinees they have a choice. This is why I am not adressing those people who are not even backmailed any more, because they are considered as usless rubbish. And the world populated with these people as you can see at all the millions of the so called migrants…again ste state view on these people!

          1. Antonio Pedro Dores Avatar

            Do you really need I show the difference between elite and garbage people? Is it meaningless? If the reference to evidence “makes any further discourse impossible”, the former discourse reveals itself impossible.
            Your world seems to have a limited capacity for human personage. The main difference between people, regarding our discussion, is access to knowledge and it´s manipulation and protection against risk.
            If you conceive capitalism as something distinct from the state, you cannot say that capitalism is leading COVID 19 politics. The great imaginable capitalist nightmare is tom stop production out of investors’ control. This is happening right now. Under the control od the states. As you rightly pointed out, the states are afraid of losing legitimacy exactly because their capital side is broken. Even no opposition to capital or to state shows up, at least in the media, the crisis rise. As many times in history, structural changes are happening without any plane.

          2. mkuhn Avatar

            And why should I conceive capitalism as something distinct from state? Do you know that without the protection of the property rights there is no singly capitalist on this world. It seems you want to make them, capitalism and state, distinct because you want to construct your dreams about an anti-capitalist revolution and this even made by the state against the capittalist is now happening, against what state establishes and from and for which the state exists. Bizarre.
            I wonder if we live on different planets. Under the controle of the state a capitalist nightmere is happening and they stop the production? Where? The only thing guidung their whole policies at the monent is to keep the economy going despite of all the ill people. For this pupose they try to get the number of infected people under controle in oder to run the economy and for this they pump credits into the economie as never before in history. And you see “structural changes” happening, and this even without an opposition? Do your really believe all those goverments, ruling the countries since the virus appeared are now the same who started your “structural changes”? I think you have a lot of fantasie. (By the way, the “losing legitimacy” is not what I wrote. I wrote the opposite, that is doing everything to sharpen the grip over people to secure their souvreignty over the people.) But interpreting this, the execution of all kind of power as if they were in a war, interpreting this as “losing legitimacy” must be part of your dreamy views on what is happening. Imagine what you say: the state, this creature beyond capitalism is losing its legitimacy and at the same time started your “structural changes” against capitalism. Quite odd, no, the decling power, losing legitimacy makes an anti-capitalist revolution and this without any opposition againts the state. Are you serious?

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