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Corona Virus 5: How nation states prepare themselves, their people and their national economies for conflicts with the world of nation states

In the fight against the virus there is another group of people who have nothing to do with the virus, but who have nevertheless been made an important state issue by the state in its fight against the virus.  Whether they are sick or not, it does not matter at all, what counts is the nationality of people. People with the wrong nationality are forbidden to enter states, and those who are elsewhere are “strongly advised” to return to the state of their nationality – immediately. Again, there are no personal reasons to object to this decision, such as holidays or whatever.  Exceptions are also here obligations that are related to the job, i.e. to the economy. Otherwise: from now on home to the Reich. And not just any individual state does this, but all states do it in one way or another with their citizens. Even if the ministries in the countries appreciate the misinterpretation if the returnees think that they have to travel back to their countries so that the state can take care of their health; they are wrong and could already notice that it is about zero about health, because otherwise the state would not prohibit citizens of other countries from entering, not because they are ill, but because they have the wrong nationality. You do not belong here because you have the wrong nationality, so stay where you belong. At the latest when they have arrived home, they learn through all the media that those who are here are already being told that they should not bring the health system to collapse with their illnesses, so every ill person is an imminent disturbance.

Why they then should not stay where they were can be found out by answering the question why all people with the wrong nationality are forbidden to enter in all countries. If you think that it is about not bringing in viruses, you are also mistaken: Then you would have to allow all natives, who are ordered back from everywhere, to enter the country only if they have been tested as healthy. But that is not what is happening. And not letting any nationals leave the country, that really has nothing more to do with diseases, you would be even rid of potential sick people. What counts in this whole entry and exit policy of all states is only the nationality, English to England, Japanese to Japan, etc. From now on all people stay where they belong according to their nationality, nothing else belongs to us, no matter if sick or healthy, what counts is the nationality and every citizen is ordered and transported to where he belongs according to his nationality. That is the only thing that counts, everything else does not count, no virus diseases and certainly not any private interests why someone travels to another country.

And so you ask yourself what this is all about, the first answer is quite obvious: every state wants its citizens in its own country, in other words, it does not want its citizens to be in foreign states.

It is quite helpful to answer the question what this is all about, to deal with such things as the insistence of the USA to call this virus “Wuhan Virus” and to make every agreement of countries in this and other world political things dependent on how the virus must be named.  Obviously, these agreements of the G7 leaders, when they talk about their war against the virus or anything else in world politics, are about nothing else but agreeing about hostilities against China. And if that is not the case, nothing happens, so important is for the US that all Western states to define China as a common enemy.

It is generally noticeable that with the proclamation of war against the virus, this warlike language, with which war was declared to a virus, all states suddenly put all other forms of interstate cooperation from one day to the next, not only ad acta. Not only the USA, also other “Western” states blamed China for nothing less than all the damage in the USA caused in connection with the virus war, by calling the virus a “Wuhan virus”. And with this designation they also attacked the European states, which, according to the USA, have smuggled this Chinese enemy into the USA via Europe – in the case of Europe only negligently, this is how states distinguish types of hostility. China fights back and is not putting its interpretation into the world by some crackpots on the Internet, but by a government spokesman, according to whom it was the USA who tricked the virus into China. European states are engaged in the same kind of hostile activities using the virus, with Germany in the front, the historically trained enemy of Russia, and Russia responds by disgracing the brotherhood known as the EU by supplying aid to Italy, no European country sent. That is why the Chinese and Russians, with all the public fuss staged, are sending aid supplies to Italy, while the USA is rejecting Cuba’s offers of help. etc. etc.

So the virus goes around the world and attacks mankind. This humanity is living in a world of states and so the war against the virus is turned into a new round of hostilities between states fuelled by this war against the virus. One remembers, despite all the attention that the virus is monopolizing in all the debates in politics and the media, which present everything as if the war against the virus was about nothing but the health of the citizens, one should not miss what this war against the virus is really about and what all this martial talk about war, victims and standing together and similar heroic stuff is really used for. 

The political program that is carried out here within each state, the enforcement of state rule over its people (see Blog 2, 3, 4), aims to emerge strengthened from the war against the virus and its economic fringes and to strengthen state sovereignty within the country for the way all these states deal with the outside world.  This applies above all to the states that even before the virus, have fought each other with nothing less than an economic war, that have covered the economy of the other side with a to and fro of sanctions across all economic sectors, in order to fight out who has the say in the world now and in the future. Long before the virus spread, this world of states was already at war with each other, an economic war.  Citizens may have forgotten this in view of the problems with their health, but not statesmen, who are only occupied by question who has the say, inside the country and in the world of states.

Well, everybody can still remember and if you look at what all these states are doing in their war against the virus, you can see that here too, when states look at the world of states, they are all doing the same thing: The top priority is to provide the national economy of each state with sums of credit for the economy that are unprecedented in the history of states. And any agreements or even negotiations about this, which are otherwise common, are zero. Each state decides, no negotiations.

And that, pumping the national economies full of credit without any agreements among the states, this is an explosive thing, because it fires up the already fierce economic war by means of sanctions with plenty of new war substance. In agreements of this kind which these countries have made so far, they have in fact been concerned with the question of what effects their policy of strengthening their national economies with credit has on the economic damage which these national credits cause to other states in their national budgets and their economies. Therefore, knowing that they have negotiated their credit policy in such a way that at least they have not yet ruined the entire economy or entire branches of industry of other states. That is what the USA has done in the negotiations with China and also in the negotiations between the USA and Europe. This national credit policy to strengthen national economies against the national economies of other states from now on without any advance notice or even without any negotiations, not only every state for himself, but also to do this to an extent that has never been done before, that has huge explosives in the fat credit baggage.

All the finance ministers, who grinned into the cameras last week with their big cheques for their economy, have put on this grin especially for their colleagues abroad. The message was: look, states of the world, we are well prepared for the future conflicts between us about which parts of the economy are going down the drain, and who is going down the drain. Everyone can imagine for themselves what this means and what is being announced. Pretty soon there will be no more talk of a virus. This is in response to the much-discussed question of how things will continue.

Martial law everybody has practiced and this exercise was, one must say so far, complete with success. The political elite has everything under control, there is not a trace of opposition far and wide, the business community has understood the message and is accordingly putting itself on hard terms with its competitors elsewhere, the trade unions know what their national duties are and are waiving wages, and the citizens have followed suit – with a grumble.

This finally explains why all states do not like it when their citizens are in other countries during these times, prohibit their citizens from leaving and bring back those who are abroad. States know each other well, because they know themselves, and can therefore imagine what they could do themselves, e.g. press another state with any concerns that it does not like at all.  Then the idea that their own citizens are on a foreign territory is a political nightmare, because every politician here knows immediately that citizens of their own nationality who are on a foreign territory could be a means of blackmail by this state against them. So everybody has to go home. You can already see in the war against a virus that every harmless tourist is always a bit of a civilian soldier in the hands of an enemy country in the eyes of statesmen. So, everybody must go home and without any objection and all this carried out as a veritable state action, always staged and carried out by the foreign ministries of the states with the right publicity for the people at home and the other states abroad, telling everybody that after all, it’s not about health issues, but about state affairs between states.






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