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Corona Virus 8: How critical natural scientists glorify their nation state

Based on an interview with a USA scientist this video reveals all sort of scandals in the world of sciences, the medical services, governmental bodies and the medical industry business. Since this video is seemingly appreciated and recommended to read by many people around the world, especially by academics, here are some comments.

 If you want to watch:

What are the scandals revealed in this video? Roughly summarized the scandals are: Scientific research is manipulated by funding organizations, and via them by political bodies of the US government. There is a selection of publication of research by publishers, scientists are paid for publishing any findings supporting official political positions and business interest, here especially of the pharma industries. In the case of medicine against HIV, this is responsible for a lot of dead people, due to purposeful delays of the medicine.  However, the much bigger scandal is that all these manipulations of the sciences, especially in the field of medical sciences via corrupting scientists with money, are aiming at abolishing what the USA stands for, the freedom of the US citizens and for the sake of a few people making their big business with medicine against the Corona virus.

Then, though not explicitly said, but thanks to the arrangement of information and statements made, one should think that everything has been arranged by any people in the back- and foreground to make a big business from the current Corona Virus infection, all this called “plandemic”.

So? If this was the case, with this “plandemic”, why is this and what is a scandal? Because it is all about making a big business that was long term carefully planned? How about any business in this society, what is the difference between this planned and long term planned business and every business that happens millions times per day? Or is it the scandal that this is a business made with the health of people? But this making a business from diseases, this is how the whole health care system and not only the health care this is organized in these societies? Any ill people are treated dependent on how much this pays off for the medical service business, and medicine is produced in these capitalist societies only if and only for if it is paying off for the investors? What makes this particular business with the Corona virus a scandal? Is this, making a business from other people’s miseries, a scandal, because this misery, the corona virus, is even created by any evil business people working in the back- or foreground?  Are not all other businesses planning their businesses, are they only an accident? Again: The whole pharmaceutical industries make their business from all sorts of diseases they count on to happen most surely.  Diseases are a top business, not only in the USA. Or should one believe, that all the business people around the world have nothing in their minds but providing people with what they need for their lives and then only coincidentally they make their profits, so that then only those profits are scandalous which are planned as the outcome of a business? Apart from this made up idea of a coincidental business, a planned business is bad, because it is planned?  But what is the difference between a planned business and this imaginary coincidental business?  

All this is very normal in these societies, but obviously no scandal for these critical scientists?

“Plancapitalism”, is this the scandal? If measuring everything in capitalist societies along the criterion, if it results in more money, this view that nothing counts in this society if it does not pay off in money for any investors, if this is done on purpose, planned or done as a mere side effect, what is the difference? If there is any scandal, then that is that there is a society that decides about anything people need for their lives dependent on whether the provision of goods for people create more money in the hand of people who use the whole society as their means for increasing their money mountains. But this is the most ordinary priority ruling capitalist societies.  All this is very normal in these societies, but no scandal for these critical scientists? Obviously not.

And: Isn’t it the American dream, or vision, to become a successful business person? And doing this at the costs of any other people, did this ever question the aims of this dream? Isn’t this, making a good business, any capitalist society is aiming at and thus their citizens? And what is now more critical, the fact that some people have a plan for making a great business and put this plan into practice and do this with the health problems of people across the world and do this very purposefully and planned, or is it the fact that the very same thing is done by the whole business people across the world in any business and here also always at the cost of other people, but do this as their total routine job, and, possibly, less well planned? Isn’t it the case that any business makes its  business with the damages other people have, may this be that any damages they have are directly the opportunity for any business, such as people need places to live (the real estate business) and food to eat (food industries), or that people are in any difficulties, all these needs of people or any damages are the sources for all sorts of businesses, banks use this to benefit from credits, insurances from the worries to face them and so on and on. And not to forget: a low level of salaries, that is a low level of living standards, this is even a necessary condition for any business to invest and to make money. Low cost societies around the world are the most appreciated means for all business people around the world. Look at the stock market, where salaries go down, stocks go up. And isn’t it the case that politicians consider it as one of their main jobs to enforce their societies to accept low salary levels, “persuading” them with the blackmail that they would otherwise have no job and thus no income at all. And to persuade those people, who are living in countries where there are such jobs, they like to point on those parts of the world, where such jobs are not offered by all those worldwide business people, because they do not need them for their businesses.  These people have nothing to eat, many die of hunger, many are on the run around the world to find any job, and this as a result of a world obeying these rules of these businesses. No job, no food, no life.  Why has this never been detected by these critical academics as the scandal? Because it was no planed poverty, but only a mere side affect and an ordinary condition for all the business making, all these critical scientist are so proud to support with their knowledge?

All this is very normal in these societies, but no scandal, not even worth to mention a word about?

And doing all these businesses with the support from politicians, what is so scandalous about this? Is there any business done in this world that is not supported by the politics of states? Isn’t this, making all kind of arrangements for the world’s business to make a good business, what all politicians around the world do every day and are proudly telling everybody that they do this very successfully? Would there be any business people at all in these societies, if it was not the state that guarantees with its power monopole the private properties, so that all the no –owners of such properties are happy to get a job from which they live.

All this is very normal in these societies, but no scandal?

The same is about the collaborations between scientists and business people. Are scientists around the world not directed with all kind of “incentives” to create knowledge that pays off and provides know-how that contributes to a good business? Being a successful scientist, is this not everywhere measured to the extent to which their knowledge results in successful business and knowledge that does not contribute to business is not only discredited, but not even funded in many countries? And scientists compete among themselves about being rewarded by their societies exactly for this and if not they are discredited for producing useless knowledge, if it does not result in business. They might not say in business, but result in jobs, but this is the aim politicians appreciate to use to make their activities look like a service for ordinary people, and not for the business. But that this is an obvious lie all politicians operate with, is this really so difficult for these critical scientists to discover as a lie they make up for people?

Also this is very normal in these societies, but this is no scandal for these critical scientists? Obviously not.

Politicians, this word brings us to the next scandal, that is that this planed business with the health of people is a business planed hand in hand between the business people and the politicians – and, not to forget, the scientists.  

And then, politicians and capitalist do this hand in hand. So what? Is it not the main job of politicians in any nation state and above all in the US, where making business is a holy vision, the value of US life, to provide their citizens across the world with options for making a good business? And are these states not right now treating the whole world of nation state beyond their own state, a world, in which all these states do the same as the US, doing everything to make all other states a market for the business of their wealthy citizens, all states and on top of them the US, are they not treating the rest of the world as their enemies and attack them with trade and other wars, in order to provide their own capitalists with the best business conditions?  And now, in the case of making a business from the threat the world’s people are facing due to this virus, the support the US officials provide for their pharma industries to make this big business, this, the most ordinary support from a national government for their national business is a scandal? This is so… normal for the US as well as for all other states, and in this case, it is more than very well planned, but enforced to the world’s people as the most promising business in future. This is how capitalism works, states provide their capitalists the best business, what else? Is this so new for these critical scientists, so that they see only this virus business, and only this, as a scandal? Everything else, any other businesses exploiting the world’s people, damaging their lives and the nature, all no problem?   

And finally: The super US national visions, the freedom of US citizens, is in danger. One could ask these free US citizens, if they ever raised the question,  if their freedom is a right they are guaranteed by their nation state,  and if it is this nation state which is the only one that can abolish or restrict this freedom, how about the conclusion that this freedom is quite conditional and only given, as long as it is used in a way the donator of freedom finds it is the right way of using it, preferably, in one or the other way making the dreams of all US citizens become true making a great businesses and, therefore, the world and the world’s people a promising market for US businesses?

One could also ask these critical scientists if they ever raised the question how come that the freedom of all US citizens coincides with millions of dead people in wars with the USA, always fighting in any angle of this world for defending this freedom of the US citizens. A scandal for critical US scientists? Anything that raises any question about freedom? Is it may be this freedom that treats the world’s people as the business material, this time to make a big business from a virus disease, it does not matter if planned or whatever, this is the very ordinary way practicing freedom, not only in the US.  

And making this business made with the Corona virus and with the diseases the virus creates, a scandal, a “plandemic”, that challenges the glory freedom of scientists, glorifies the very normal freedom of the US citizens they practice every day in any business around the world as in any wars as a most desirable  aim, no matter what the world’s people are paying for this. And this, how scientists here in the US, manage to glorify all the ideals of the US nation state, thanks to their scandalizing of their “plandemic”, is only therefore not a scandal, because others do it in other nation states in a very similar way. 

Blog 9 will give another example about this, this time not from natural but from the social sciences.






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