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Belarus – Views from a typical European critical intellectual – and how these views prepare people’s minds towards the next wars

Lilia Shevtsova, posted by anonymus


Belarus completes the collapse of the USSR with its drama. It is the Belarusians who put a point in this process, defrosting the remains of the Soviet Union.

The Belarusian protest became an event that neither the West nor Russia were ready for. Belarus has shown that the conflict between the unification and its electoral legitimation can be resolved by refusing either elections or unanimity. Otherwise, the country will storm.

Belarus has become a test for the West as a global project protecting democratic values. West test failed. In order not to repeat the Ukrainian scenario, in order not to provoke Russia – these fears formed a Western reaction to the Belarusian August.

It’s not just about the hypocrisy of Western elites. It’s about a Western model that requires conflict resolution through compromises. But this model is not capable of solving the conflict of society with the dictator unless he is ready to retreat. Moreover, the West is not ready for confrontation with a nuclear state, which looks at the world through a prism of balance of power and restraint.

The Kremlin can’t help but feel satisfied. After all, liberal democracies have recognized the Russian sphere of influence and its entry into Belarus.

The ′′ Armenian scenario ′′ would be optimal for the Western community, which Western politicians themselves say (already with nostalgia). In short: regime change, but the preservation of Belarus in the field of Russian interests.

Russia has chosen a different scenario: the preservation of Belarus in the field of attraction of Russia while Lukashenka is preserved. President Putin supported Lukashenko in an interview on August 27, promising him ′′ reserve from law enforcement officers ′′ in case the situation is ′′ getting out of hand “. This is a Putin’s warning to both the West and the Belarusian opposition: ′′ You will get it on hand “.

The Kremlin considered it possible to stalk its position of the ′′ main ′′ in the region. Moods in Russia, judging by the fact that 57 % of our respondents support Lukashenko and only 25 % positively relate to protesters (Levada Center survey), support the Kremlin choice. Putin dispeled doubts: Moscow Lukashenko does not give up. Bye bye!

Immediately the question arises: will the Russian ′′ reserve ′′ be paratrooped when hundreds of thousands of Belarusian cities go out to the streets of Belarusian cities? Or is it a threat that should extinguish the protest? Most likely, Putin hopes (sure? ) that Belarusians will not experience fate. What if they decide?

Meanwhile, Belarus becomes a test for Moscow. So, it is unclear how reasonable her hope is for humility of the beast caught in the corner. Lukashenko does not look like a leader who will crawl to the Kremlin on his knees. He will be julking, lying, blackmailing. Where is the guarantee that he will not arrange provocation on borders with NATO countries, which Moscow will have to be responsible for? It is clear that in case of a threat to his power, he will arrange a ′′ robbery ′′ with ′′ extremist elements “. After all, Putin has already become a hostage to the nationwide promise to support him.

Of course, the Kremlin will reflect on the replacement of the Father. After all, he will continue to test Putin’s patience. Clearly not the best option to control the vassal country. But replacement for the future.

Lukashenko’s support means that Russia takes on board the Belarusian economy and should pay for its violence. The lightning aid that Moscow promised Lukashenko: Putin is going to refinance the Belarusian debt ($ 1 billion). Are Russian taxpayers ready for this? Having secured Belarus as a buffer country, Russia receives a bankrupt country. What a strategic power!

It would be even strange if Lukashenko’s support from the Kremlin would not provoke anti-Russian feelings for Belarusians. In this case, the conflict between the authorities and society in Belarus turns into a geopolitical crisis when Belarusians question ′′ brotherly relations ′′ with Russia.

Russia, supporting Lukashenko, is now responsible for his sadism and violence; for the tormented, detained, missing. Russia is responsible for its readiness to turn Belarus into a Stalingrad bridgehead of war with the West.

Belarus allowed Putin to return his place in the Higher League. Where is the global concert without a Russian president? But we still have to know the price of peace in Belarus.

However, we will not write off the West. Yes, liberal democracies have not solved the Belarusian problem. But Belarus has lobbyists in Europe in the face of the Baltic-Nordic block plus Poland. Tens of thousands of people in Lithuania, who went live to support the Belarusian protest, are a factor of moral strength. Western car is turning slowly. But it’s hard to stop her when she starts moving. The question is, is she ready to start moving. The question is, how many Belarusians wait for the car to start moving!

In the meantime, the world will look at Russia through the prism of Belarus. When the Kremlin soon took on the role of the ′′ decisive ′′ and prepared a forceful ′′ reserve ′′ for Belarusians.

And more: how can the Kremlin help solve the conflict between the people and the dictator in Belarus if it cannot solve its conflict with the people in Khabarovsk?! Or is Belarus a rehearsal before solving Russian problems? Seeing the world through these eyes, the nation states as a humanitarian mission, also Russia fails: “After all, Putin has already become hostage to the publicly given promise to support him.“ Putin has become a hostage, because….( my text version ends here MK)

Comments Michael Kuhn

I now better understand why the world is step by step moving to the next world war, this time a truly world war, not limited to Europe, this time including the whole Asia, this time no longer a war between two alternative society systems, but a war among capitalist countries about the question, which of all the leading capitalist countries dominates the others, that is who dominates the capitalist world. Ideologically, also Russia and China are already under the regime of the ideology of capitalism, that is the regime of democratic values and seemingly, these democratic values are the ideological food for the wars among all of them, no contradiction, but the very consequent views for and towards the mind needed for wars.

Democratic values, presenting capitalism and the imperialism of capitalist countries, challenging each others sovreignty about which nation state dominates the world market as a means for its economic values and their growth as caring about humanitarian values, these  democratic values obviously have such a grip on even all sorts of critical minds, critical with their national governments policies, so that they critique any imperial policies in which country ever against the criteria how their policies reach to comply with these humanitarian values and critique their political imperial practices as a complete failure on either side. 

In this case about Belarus, both the West and Russia, both their policies to fight for the imperial status in a world of capitalist nation states are critiqued as failing to comply with these humanitarian values, just as if they were their political aims and not the ideologies, with which they present their policies. In other words, capitalist political powers have succeeded to pursuade everybody, including all critical intellectuals, that capitalism is the humanitarian project of mankind and that there is not alternative to this humanitarian project; for these intellectuals, Belarus therefore “completes the collapse of the USSR“, a view on the alternative society project this Sovietunion had established, that has „collapsed“, a category created in the capitalist world, saying that the SU did not comply with the rules of capitalism and therefore inevitably came to death due to its inner contradictions, that is to say, the SU died a natural death because it violated these humanitarian values., those values of capitalism, the SU tried to reject and, hence, consequently „collapsed“. Questioning capitalism, does not work and ends up in the collapse of any alternative society system.

And what are these humanitarian values? Above all there is „Freedom“. Obviously, freedom this supra ideal of a capitalist creature, more precisely of a citizen, seems to make everybody mentally dizzy. Though already the fact that freedom is a donation by a political power, allowing citizens to do what they want, does not seem to   irritate all these critical people. That a political power is needed to guarantee the freedom of humans against others, is so natural, because all these thinkers are still drowned in the most basic christian image of humans: humans are bad and need a domesticating power (and an ideological power threatening them with the god’s hell) and for any reasons, these bad humans had the brilliant idea to create a category of humans, who have the mission to domesticate humans, politicians, who took over the job to make these bad creatures sociable! With this middle ages born view on mankind, updated after the french revolution, the creation of the free citizen, the creature of nation states for steering an economy directed towards money, that is distinguished in owners and non-owners, all bound to contribute to the growth of this  abstract wealth,  measured in national currencies, this middle aged view on mankind updated towards this social mission of mankind under the regime of capitalism glorified by its intellectuals towards a humanitarian missions, with all its revealing values, all showing that they are the values this very society creates as its ideological disguise, with this updated view, all the critical thinkers also look at the world of politics and can no longer distinguish between what they are telling us about what these politicians are really doing and what they are telling us what they are doing. 

Therefore, through this view all their political actions aiming at the freedom of nation states to rule the world of all these free citizens and their nation states, appear as failing to reach the humanitarian values:  “Belarus has become a test for the West as a global project defending democratic values. The West failed the test.” Which test, the test these intellectuals see as what the West is aiming at: “The problem is with the Western model, which seeks conflict resolution through compromisses, However, this model is unable to resolve the conflict between society and the dictator if he is not ready to retreat.“ This must also be the reason, why the world widely ruled by the West, is ruled by all sort of dictators, they did not establish them, but failed to remove all their friends they have across the world!?   “Only to not repeat the Ukrainian scenario, only not to provoke Russia – these fears shaped the Western reaction to the Belarusian August.“ The West, aiming at getting grip over the last country between the West and Russia, fails because , the West is worried about Russia.  In other words, all the real political considerations calculating with the damages a war does create , become a failure to fight for the values, their political agenda has been made for by these critical thinkers – and by doing this, they finally become propagandists of nothing less but of wars. “The point is in the Western model, which requires the resolution of a conflict through compromises.“  It must be this resolution for compromise that they managed in the last 40 years after the end of world war II to get their militaries all over the world and to move their troops again towards Moscow, aiming a nothing but „defending democratic values“  with their missiles doing nothing but killing Europe`s citizens,  „a resolution of compromise“ for which this killing of people must be worse obviously it. However, “After all, liberal democracies have recognized the Russian sphere of influence and the Belarus as part of it.“ What a critique: The West sacrificed its values for the price of accepting Belarus as „Russian sphere of influnence“. Shame on them giving up their humanitarian project for such political power considerations.  

Russia also fails against this view of nation states, as the West obliged  to the same humanitarian mission: “Russia, having supported Lukashenko, now bears responsibility for his sadism and violence; for the tortured, detained, missing.“ As if any political leader has any problem with violence! What do they have all there violence instruments for? 

At least the most important question in this battle among humanists about fighting for humanitarian values is already answered, that is the question , which of the failing states, failing to carry out their missions to care about these values, is responsible for the next war: “Moreover, the West is not ready for a confrontation with a nuclear state, which views the world through the prism of balance of power and deterrence.“ It must be these hesitations, this  “prism of balance of power and deterrence” , that the whole  world is these days after the West under the leadership of the US has become  a world of wars, this West everywhere, as we must seen it,  fails to stop wars with its military interventions and that Russia is meanwhile surrounded by all sorts of missiles and all sorts of military forces, the US in the recent years dislocated around Russia. No, it is Russia, as the intellectual fighter for humanitarian values know: “Russia is responsible for its readiness to turn Belarus into a Stalingrad staging area for the war with the West.“ At least this question is already answered before the war.

As I wrote, it is this discussion that is about the question off todays world, why there is no any alternative for capitalism, also among all sorts of critical intellectuals  and it is Lilia’s view that shows to me, why this world is without any alternative views, though this world is a world of wars and not even, while facing the next one, this time not anywhere beyond Europe, but again here between the same old enemies on the same battlefields, such as the mentioned Stalingrad, she mentions.






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