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Children as “protection shields”

What happened: Policemen attacked people demonstrating against Covid policies in Germany with pepper spray; one child was injured and the leaders of the police accused the child’s mother of misusing her child as a “protection shield” against police actions. Therefore she was fined.

Becoming outrageous about, that, by accusing demonstrating people of misusing children as “human shields”, that this is an insult so far one could only hear from military people in military actions in “wars against terror”,  here now it is applied to ordinary citizens and by doing this noticing that the executors of the state monopole of violence making demonstrating citizens of one’s own country and terrorists of any foreign power the same sort of enemies, all in a war, just as if they were another kind of “Talibans”, being outrageous about this, one should not miss the clarifications made via this statement by the power monopole about what the power monopole and what citizens for this power monopole are:

Indeed, the power monopole with this statement, saying when it executes its power, that is when people are beaten up, that it is people’s fault and that is an illegal action forcing the state power to execute its violence, this is very telling. This illegal action, forcing the political power to execute violence against citizens consists of the unacceptable need to force the citizens to obey, what they are expected to do deliberately, that proves their obedience in front of the political power monopole as the first citizens duty, and doing this without any intervention of the state power monopole, no matter if they agree with any state decisions or not. This is why people applying for the permission to demonstrate against wearing masks etc. only get the permission if they wear masks, that is, if they do what they are demonstrating against. Even for citizens, who submissively remind their nation state, that they are the people he is ruling and that he must care about their views, fort he nation state it is enough that they do this via a demonstration, to give them a lecture about who has he say in this society and who not. The power monopole, represented via those battle machines called police men, is indeed the instrument for imposing the decisions made by a decision monopole nation state policies have about what citizens in this citizen society have to do and what not. And what this decision monopole decides is binding and may be a matter of debates, but no question of who is doing what.   And that this, that people do what the decision monopole decide is done by everybody, this is enforced by the power monopole. Demonstrating people beaten up by the police are therefore quite easily considered by the state as “Talibans”, because his view about citizens very principally is that for good citizens subordinating them under and carrying out what the power monopole decided is no matter of any debates but goes without saying. And in this view of what a good citizen is, citizens in the view of the decision monopolist who must be forced by his power monopole violate this view, when they are beaten up by the police. They may have any other opinions about anything the state decides, but putting into practice what the decisions monopole decided, this is an undebatable must. Accusing the demonstrating mother misusing her child as a “protection shield” underlines this view of a bad citizen with her moralistic discreditation of being a bad human, meaning that bad citizens must be bad humans and that being a good citizen is as a must of humanity. So, if there is any scandal in blaming demonstrating people for being beaten up by the state’s power monopole, then it is this, how state policies see and treat the will of any citizen, may they be beaten up or not.






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