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What the decision to send battle tanks to war reveals about war aims

  1. It is not new that the war in Ukraine is the war that Russia has started and wanted, but it is also the war that the West has wanted for a long time with its political and military advance to the border of Russia, thus within the reach of its weapons. This can be seen just by the fact that the West was there with its military power when Russia started the war and stopped Russia from its first attempt to achieve its war aims by taking Kiev. The West accepted Russia’s war by rejecting as non-negotiable all of Russia’s offers of negotiations preceding the war that would have meant limiting its global monopoly on power, entered the war with its weapons and its Ukrainian warriors, and countered Russia’s war aims with its own war aims as the war began, the destruction of Russia as a world power, and thus has tried to turn this war into its opposite since the beginning of the war and is now in the process of putting into practice these war aims, which have always had and have in mind the advance towards Russia and instead of the assertion of Russia as a world power recognized by the West with this war the destruction of the means of power of a competing world power.
    2. With the entrance of battle tanks into the war the west decided of its not at all new war goals now from the defense of the goals of Russia to the penetration of its war goals to go over. That is, the West has decided to start the attack on the world power Russia with its Ukrainian troops and the military material supplied for it. It has used the relativized form of Russia’s warfare expressed in the formulation of a special military operation to dispute not only Russia’s implementation of its war aims and has assessed when and how with which military action Russia’s war against the West can be turned into a war of the West against Russia and has now come to the conclusion that the West can now put these its war aims into practice. Not only has the West as a whole come to the conclusion that it can now counter Russia’s nuclear arsenal with its tactical nuclear weapons with its own, having in the meantime brought its own to Europe and placed them in the appropriate positions, thus wanting to be able to wage this kind of nuclear war if this is necessary for the achievement of the war aims, the enforcement of which the West has now put on the agenda, but that it thus wants this nuclear war.
    3. The Europeans, above all Germany, have come to the conclusion that the prospects of destroying Russia’s military power so fundamentally that this country, after several failed attempts (Napoleon; Hitler; cold war) can no longer get in their way as a global world power competitor in Europe and in Europe’s global world power policy in the future, that it is worth the risk to them that Europe becomes a war ground in a war with tactical nuclear weapons, in which above all Germany does everything to keep the geography of such a war in the east of Europe at the borders of Russia, just as it was the idea from the beginning with that eastward expansion.
    4. Germany has redefined this war against Russia’s power, which up to now has meant the denial of its supremacy over Europe, as an opportunity not only to solve the old problem with Russia, but also to let itself be established by the European states as the leading power in and over Europe for the implementation of these political goals. The requested prayer for permission to send tanks not only produced in Germany, but also under its command, which it has placed in other countries, but kept under its command, i.e. withdrawn from use for the national interests of others, this prayer for German weapons has been staged by Germany to make it clear that it will only accept these concerns of these countries for their national war aims if they subordinate themselves to Germany’s military command and thus to its aims in this war against Russia.
    5. For the USA everything runs thereby once again prima. They do not only let this war against their world power competitor Russia be carried out on the territory of a world power called Europe, which is also competing with them, but they do not only let the war for such ambitious war aims of defeating a competing military world power be carried out by a country like Ukraine, which is not powerful enough for it, but they succeeded that the Europeans with their world power ambitions have made the war aims of the USA their own, because they want to achieve the war aims of the Europeans with it. As always, the calculation of the Europeans is that with their war against Russia they can not only eliminate a power that disturbs them in Europe, but that with their services for the war aims of the USA in the war against the world power Russia, they can finally establish themselves not only as an economic, but also as a military world power.
    6. Now one may not be very curious at all what will happen when Russia redefines its military special operation into a war against the war of the West against Russia, ends its military relativizations and reaches for the weapons it has.






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